Running Late! Literally!

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I usually have pretty good timing for getting to races at just the right time.  I don’t like to hang out too much before it starts because then I obsess about stupid nonsense like getting too hot or if I’ve got all my tinkles out.  This morning was no different.  Started out well – walked to the downtown 6 which was just pulling into the station as I walked in, planning on transferring to the Q at Union Square then off at Prospect Park stop.  Google maps told me 50 minutes.

I’m waiting on the platform with a bunch of people, runners included, when an N train pulls in on the opposite track of the Q track.  I already know the N DOES NOT go to Prospect Park but I saw a few people get on and so I quickly ask what stop they are going to.  The super-smart looking guy, but I gathered not so common-sensically smart afterwards (as I become at this moment) says that they are going to get off at Atlantic Pacific station then walk the rest of the way.  I have no idea the distance from Atlantic Pacific to the Nethermead area of the park obvi, so I jump on anyway. They must know what they’re doing right?  Wrong!  I found out once I’m ON the train that they don’t know either…

We hop of the N at 7:36 – the race starts at 8:00…


So the one guy and the girl say they are going to do a ‘lite jog’ to the park, obviously me and smart/not-smart guy decide it’s a great idea.  Well, their lite jog was my running pace! We ended up being late because we had to ‘lite jog’ a distance of  2ish miles to get to the bag check and then head over to the start line…. In the end my 50 minute trek to Prospect Park took 1 hour and 25 minutes and my 5K for Sandy turned into an unofficial 8-9k… Not complaining!  My own stupidity! I already knew that I should have stuck with my original travel plan the second I stepped on the N train.

At least I wasn’t one of the dummies who was late because they didn’t use this for bag check! Come on… we all know why these are used now. #BostonStrong


By the way, the race was great! #MLBAllstar5k


2 thoughts on “Running Late! Literally!

  1. The only thing useful I learned from reality TV other than a buff is suitable dinner wear, is STICK WITH THE ORIGINAL PLAN. But this made for a better story 🙂


  2. Hahahaha! I love it. Reality TV is crazy and I can’t stand most of the shows, but it is indeed a good lesson!


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