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Sometimes a semi-unplanned day turns into an eventful one.  I was quite delighted to find that although I pooped myself out today, I had a pretty good time making some discoveries on this semi-unplanned day.

Discovery #1: I love Central Park more each time I go.

I planned a slightly different route today, starting up at the Jackie Onassis Kennedy reservoir and thought I’d end somewhere by Victorian Gardens at the south end of the park.  Although the heat wasn’t in full effect yet, I just found I couldn’t quite fulfill my planned route today, which is a rarity for me.  It’s usually more a mental preparation for me to run than a physical one so I thought it would be no problemo.


Not so today.

My body and mind were ready to be done at about 2.25 miles.  At first I struggled with this idea of stopping before I reached my destination, trying to will myself to go on since I didn’t have much farther to go.  But I just stopped and walked and discovered I was really happy to do it!


The park was not full of tourists yet; but nannies and their charges in their little toddler groups singing with a man and his guitar, park workers watering the grass, people walking their dogs, birds and insects making their sounds.  It was beautiful.

Discovery #2: The Rain Room installation was not where I thought it was, but in fact where it should have been.

Good thing I teach grade 3 because apparently I cannot read functional/informational text well hahaha!  I read in not one, but two magazines that this quite spectacular installation called the Rain Room was located at the Museum of Modern Art’s PS 1 location in Long Island City.  I guess I couldn’t distinguish headings in the magazine, no big deal.

When I arrived at PS 1 at 11:30am, a half hour before the site opens, I was stoked that no one was there.  I had my book and a shady spot to stand to kill the mere 30 minute wait.  Although I was super excited no one was there, I thought it was really weird considering I kept hearing about these 6 or 8 hour lines to get in… Whatevs.


Well, when I walked up to buy my admission I asked the girl where this amazing installation was located and she simply said it was at MoMA in Manhattan. Um, what?!! Okay…so… I was already there and PS 1 had been on my list of to-go for the last few summers.  So I went in and saw some crazy weird contemporary art (me don’t get modern art).

IMG_3687 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3694 IMG_3695 IMG_3697

Discovery #3: There is in fact a piece of the Berlin Wall not so far from where I live and no idea.

Is it a somewhat random area of the city like the other parts of the Wall I’ve seen?  Probably.  It’s not near the German consulate or mission, it’s in a lovely little public rest area with a waterfall, near a restaurant (not German), in between two buildings.  I discovered while walking to the correct location of the Rain Room 😉

IMG_3701 IMG_3705

Discovery #4: The hype for something is usually over-hype.

The Rain Room is pretty cool but would not wait 6 hours to experience.  I don’t do lines generally, but thought I should wait since I had already waited the 30 minutes earlier at PS 1.  I was happy with the general viewing , which was a 20 minute wait. It was enough for me to see how it worked, but didn’t need to be in it.

IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3717

I hope you’ve made some of your own awesome discoveries today (besides the fact that I like writing in lists and short paragraphs!)… and if not today, then tomorrow. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Day of Discovery

  1. I have some paint cans and old flower pots stacked by my shed. I think I shall become an artist and throw bread tags all over them. Time for a career change! Awesome adventure today!! I’m completely jealous!


  2. That sounds like a great piece of art! I think I’ll just tear up magazines and pin the pieces on the walls upside down. Sounds like we have a new modern art museum to start up!


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