Stay Tuned – NYC Half Tomorrow!

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I’d say the NYC half marathon is a good choice for my first half of 2014. Excited to meet early in Central Park with about 30,000 other runners to spend our Sunday morning running through the park, through midtown, then toward downtown on the West Side highway. Will just have to watch out for poor road conditions on some streets due to crazy winter weather fluctuations this year… nbd.

Last night I completed my 9+1 volunteer at the Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion. I really enjoyed taking on this role (after the “training” of course) of giving out bibs. This was a different perspective for me – checking IDs, confirmation sheets, and handing people their bibs. Then being thanked, and watching those runners walk away with a smile, checking out out their bibs and the number they are attached to for this race. I could so relate. Every time I pick up by bib, I smile. I’m excited for the upcoming race I’m about to participate in with thousands of people who enjoy running as much as I do.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!