#tbt #34- Taste Memories

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I had a serious throwback to the ’80’s today when I drank some Vitamin Water. Flavor – fruit punch. The taste took me to my grade three classroom. Eating lunch at my desk. Drinking a fruit punch. The kind in the stubby plastic bottle with the foil top. From Super Store. Anyone remember these?

Quarter water

Throwback Thursday on Jibber Jabber

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These words from a song on a record I had as a kid describe how I feel this week… Actually, I think the record is still at my mom’s. If so, I’ll take a pic when I’m there next week.

Sing along if you remember this tune… and you have to sing it in the same voice!

“Have patience, have patience,

Don’t be in such a hurry.

When you get


You only start to worry.



that (God) has patience too

And think of all the times when others had to wait for you!”

Have patience this season everyone. I’ve been struggling to maintain patience and sanity – this week especially, but then I remember the times when others “had to wait for me”. This is a reminder to calm down and find peace in knowing I won’t feel annoyed forever.

Remember the Moment?

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I’m sure we all remember the exact moment when we heard the Twin Towers had been hit by commercial jets. This moment obviously changed millions of lives forever, near and far.

Although it’s been 12 years, those wounds are still fresh for those directly affected by the day that changed the world. While there are many different versions of what happened that day and who is to blame, innocent people’s lives were forever changed. So on this somber day, embrace the moments that make you happy.

Those moments for me today were:

  • feeling the 92 degree Fahrenheit heat and humidity of a September day (although it was kind of hard to bear)
  • my delicious iced coffee
  • the little old black dude dressed in the peach-colored suit
  • a man taking a work break in his foldable lawn chair, listening to his boom box
  • listening to the intelligent ramblings of an 8 year old
  • the guy chair dancing on the subway
  • knowing I made my family excited because they got the treat package I sent 😉
  • and this…


Tell me this didn’t make you smile!