Practicing Patience

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In my deliberateness to practice more blatant acts of kindness, I am also practicing patience. I’ve decided that doing so helps me stay focused on being kind to people because living in a city with constant motion and scads of people, it is often difficult to be patient.

Here’s where and with whom I’m practicing:

1. On the subway platform as I am waiting to enter a car

2. With people pushing strollers

3. With people who stop in the middle of the sidewalk to check there phones

4. With inequities and unfairness in my job

5. With slow walkers or tourists

6. With technology

7. With people who just don’t get it (i.e., that there are other people in this world that have real problems)

What I’m doing to be patient:

1. Breathing

2. Walking slower and mindfully

3. Empathizing with people who are aggravating me

4. Talking to strangers

5. Smiling and greeting people 

6. Being deliberate with certain exchanges and interactions

7. Waiting to respond to emails that I want to fire back at

8. Being present 

9. Holding back on the corner instead of stepping out before the light changes

10. Walking slower

I’m hoping that I keep these practices going because today I found it hard! I know everyday is different, and hopefully tomorrow will be better! If there’s something you do that I should add to my list and try out, let me know!

Throwback Thursday on Jibber Jabber

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These words from a song on a record I had as a kid describe how I feel this week… Actually, I think the record is still at my mom’s. If so, I’ll take a pic when I’m there next week.

Sing along if you remember this tune… and you have to sing it in the same voice!

“Have patience, have patience,

Don’t be in such a hurry.

When you get


You only start to worry.



that (God) has patience too

And think of all the times when others had to wait for you!”

Have patience this season everyone. I’ve been struggling to maintain patience and sanity – this week especially, but then I remember the times when others “had to wait for me”. This is a reminder to calm down and find peace in knowing I won’t feel annoyed forever.