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#tbt21 – ’80’s Toys

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A field trip to Liberty Science Center today sent me back in time. To the ’80’s. Why? Because of the Rubiks Cube exhibit!






… many cubes.


Luxurious cube – diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires!


Wall of cubes


This kid could maneuver that cube with one hand!

So of course I went in search of some of my favorite toys of the ’80’s!

Etch-a-Sketch was a nice linear drawing tool. I think the shaking was the most fun.

Rubiks Cube was a good challenge, could get one side the same color but that’s about it.

Definitely loved my view finder. My favorite was Disney’s Fantasia.

Simon Says I was pretty good at. Maybe that’s why my number memory is so strong…



I kind of miss my Snoopy Snow Cone machine.



I had one CareBear. And that’s all I wanted was the one. The yellow one.

Ah! This calculator! I used to use this and my moving adding machine when I played office.

Loved, loved, loved my Strawberry Shortcakes. Still love the smell. Yes, the ones at my mom and dad’s still smell.

I was obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids. In fact, my first one looked like the boy on the bottom left except with light hair. His name was Oscar Florian. And I had one had that looked like the girl on the top left. Her name was Delta (something…). I guess I shouldn’t even say were or was… since I still have them. They are at my mom’s too.



And finally, my favorite Barbie. Peaches & Cream. Joc and I would set up all the Barbie furniture and then be done with it. The setting up was the funnest part (yes, I say funnest).



What were your faves?

#tbt20 – Edmonton

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Egad. Brett and I are going to Bray’s high school graduation this weekend in Edmonton as I mentioned in a post a few days ago… the first I’ve attended since my own in 1993… I’m interested to see the trend in dresses. Will I see some dresses from the ’93 ahahaha?! I’ll let you know…

So you’d think I’d be tbt-ing about my 1993 grad from WCHS, but I’m actually throwing it back to my Edmonton days in general.

So Brett and I rented a house in Old Strathcona/Mill Creek – which I always equated with some shabbiness. Yes, there’s still some dumpy buildings, but there is a lot of rebuilding and it turns out it’s a great little place. Good location for running in Mill Creek Ravine and walking over to Whyte avenue for lunch, drinks, or just walking.

We ran a nice four mile distance this morning down the ravine and into Rossdale. We actually ran part of our old route when we used to live in the river valley.

We finished running and decided to just keep walking to get coffee. We noticed some different places on Whyte Ave; ones I thought weren’t great like The Tilted Kilt, but there were a few decent changes since I’ve lived here like a couple of new bierhouses. I had fond memories when I saw some of the places I used to frequent in my university days – places like Funky Pickle Pizza, Queen Donair, Elephant & Castle, Fat Franks. There are now the trendy froyo and cupcakes places which I’ve seen my last couple of visits that add some new flavor to Whyte Ave, which I like. We met mom for a nice lunch a Packrat Louie, a restaurant we should have visited more often when we lived here.

coffee you love

coffee you need

Something I’m looking forward to is going to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market on Saturday to pick up our steaks and veggies for the BBQ on Sunday – after my Community Action 5k Dash of course! I’m trying to get better at taking pictures when I’m here, so stay tuned for more Edmonton.

May the Fourth Be With You Dad

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Yes, that’s right! My dad is a May the Fourth baby. So today’s post is a shout-out to him.

My dad. Let’s see.

  1. He’s funny. Me too.
  2. Mellow. Me too.
  3. Hard-working. Me too.
  4. Tolerant. Me too.
  5. Easy-going. Meeee tooooo.
  6. Friendly. Yep, that’s me!
  7. Ukrainian, but looks Italian or Mexican when tanned (good skin tone). Nope, not me.
  8. Knowledgable. Yep, me too.
  9. Loves music and movies. Mhmm.

Thanks Dad, for being my dad. You are the funny, mellow, hard-working, tolerant, easy-going, friendly, Ukrainian, knowledgable music-loving dad that millions of people don’t have. I got some of my greatest qualities from you, as noted above. (And yes I got some from you too, Mom. 🙂 )

Happy birthday! And May the Fourth be with you!

Playin the old Elvis on record player!

Playin’ the gold Elvis LP on the record player!


tbt #11 – Happy Days Coming Soon

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July 1st – 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, …. 1975.

Summer, freedom, sunshine, happiness, smiles, beaches, boats, friends, parties, Canada Day events, fireworks, water falls, bar-be-ques, picnics, love.

No alarm, no thinking, no deadlines, no disingenuous drivel, no mounds of paper, no BS.

Welcome spring 2014, and I look forward to your summer too. 🙂

It’s Love Week <3

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So love one another right now! 



Yes, we should (bad word) always put our most loving selves forward, but some days it’s harder to be loving for whatever reason, so… try hard this week to be extra kind, loving, tolerant and patient. Keep in mind that there are too many unloved and forgotten people.

Take the time to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you:

Give an extra long hug or kiss

Ask “Will you be my Valentine?”

Make a cup of coffee before work

A special dinner

Or just a cuddle on the couch while watching a movie

It’s also a busy birthday week ahead on my end – my nephew and co-teacher on the 12th, my mom the 14th, Jill the 15th AND my mother in-law the 19th! Happy birthday week!

Wordless Wednesday #1 – 2014 Edition

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Bye Bye 2013

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From my own stand point, I can not make a single valid complaint about the year I had. Yes I encountered some challenges and struggles, as we all do. But any complaint I can muster is really very insignificant.

So here’s to another year of travel experiences, good times, eating, and discovering with friends and family.

Cheers 🙂

Southern Wedding Y’all!

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Me… At a wedding… In Hickory… North Carolina…

I was invited to Candace and Brian’s wedding as my friend Alaa’s date, which was awesome because we always have a good time together. But… I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit into this equation… me at a southern wedding.

Wedding selfie

Pre-wedding selfie

First, I’m not a wedding-y person, but I knew that Brian and Candace were planning a wedding that was very characteristic of them, rather than a wedding that people have been to before.

One side of Warehouse 18

Ceremony side of Warehouse 18



And second, I may be from small town Alberta where the people have a different kind of accent, the weather is unsuitable for humans about 6 months of the year and people drink Molson, but I don’t have a southern accent, I don’t wear my hair in a bouffant and I don’t drink moonshine (yes, I know – huge stereotyping).

But I have to tell you – Candace and Brian put together such a comfortable and charming wedding.

They held it at a former textile warehouse in Candace’s hometown of Hickory. This warehouse was converted by a talented artist lady into an art/living space and event venue. I could try to describe the coolness and the eclectic nature of the space, but I can’t. It was that awesome.

On the living space/event venue of the warehouse. Love!

On the living space/event venue of the warehouse. Love!





After exploring the space and getting to know Candace and Brian’s families, I felt like I was hanging out with people I’d known for much longer than a few hours. It was great to meet people from different places and walks of life in this cozy and unique setting. Who wouldn’t bond in a candle-lit room with soft music playing or in a living room where there are giant tubs of popcorn where people you know are there to join together as a new family unit?

Small-town southern United States does have a homey feel, once you get to know it and you’re in the right space with the right people. So thank you Candace and Brian, for introducing me to the real south 🙂

Love this shot I got of the first dance.

First dance ❤

JJ’s Throwback Thursday #2 – Holiday Edition

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I would like to dedicate this Throwback to my brother and his family for the good time this week.

Me and my bro long ago (1976 and 1982-I think)

Me and my bro long ago (1976 and 1982-I think)

My Canadian Christmas 2013 was spent mostly with my mom, dad, brother, sister in-law, niece and nephew (Brett had to work this week so he stayed in NYC, and we will be meeting up with the kids in Phoenix soon). Although I did get to see Jill and her family and had lunch with Joc and her kids; a little more friend time was scheduled but had to cancel due to feeling under the weather.

Anyway… I could throw way back and dig up some crazy old memories from our childhood (stuffing dirty socks in my mouth or getting concussions, for example), but I can call yesterday’s firecracker debacle a “Throwback” memory.

December 25th rundown:

Mom, Dad and I drive from Wetaskiwin to Leduc yesterday morning for gift openings and a day of eating and relaxing.

Gift opening: Great! Lots of smiles and happy faces.

Relaxing: Awesome! From table to kitchen to couch and around again and again. A little nap for Trent and dad, a little run for me.

Eating: Delicious! Corn chowder for lunch. Steak, crab legs, smoked salmon, potato skins and more for dinner. Mmmm!

Games: Scrabble and Beat the Parents. A little thinking involved but successful.

Fireworks: First round – great! Second round – not so much. Run for cover – literally! After Trent set them up, they fell over and started shooting at us towards the house. Ty yells: “They fell over! Get in the house!” while herding us all like sheep toward the door. Trent dove into the snow and tried to take cover. Meanwhile, dad is standing at the end of the deck enjoying the show, no big deal. Keely’s camera records the Griswald type of event that is taking place. After a delayed reaction, we were all back inside. No injuries reported. Usually this type of thing happens at the Borneman family Christmas events… 🙂

After all calmed down and tried a third and final round of fireworks, all was good. And then ended the night ended with a regular Coors and the Griswald’s.

The few days of relaxing with the fam was needed and great. So thank you guys for your hospitality and the new throwbacks! ❤