Southern Wedding Y’all!

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Me… At a wedding… In Hickory… North Carolina…

I was invited to Candace and Brian’s wedding as my friend Alaa’s date, which was awesome because we always have a good time together. But… I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit into this equation… me at a southern wedding.

Wedding selfie

Pre-wedding selfie

First, I’m not a wedding-y person, but I knew that Brian and Candace were planning a wedding that was very characteristic of them, rather than a wedding that people have been to before.

One side of Warehouse 18

Ceremony side of Warehouse 18



And second, I may be from small town Alberta where the people have a different kind of accent, the weather is unsuitable for humans about 6 months of the year and people drink Molson, but I don’t have a southern accent, I don’t wear my hair in a bouffant and I don’t drink moonshine (yes, I know – huge stereotyping).

But I have to tell you – Candace and Brian put together such a comfortable and charming wedding.

They held it at a former textile warehouse in Candace’s hometown of Hickory. This warehouse was converted by a talented artist lady into an art/living space and event venue. I could try to describe the coolness and the eclectic nature of the space, but I can’t. It was that awesome.

On the living space/event venue of the warehouse. Love!

On the living space/event venue of the warehouse. Love!





After exploring the space and getting to know Candace and Brian’s families, I felt like I was hanging out with people I’d known for much longer than a few hours. It was great to meet people from different places and walks of life in this cozy and unique setting. Who wouldn’t bond in a candle-lit room with soft music playing or in a living room where there are giant tubs of popcorn where people you know are there to join together as a new family unit?

Small-town southern United States does have a homey feel, once you get to know it and you’re in the right space with the right people. So thank you Candace and Brian, for introducing me to the real south 🙂

Love this shot I got of the first dance.

First dance ❤

4 thoughts on “Southern Wedding Y’all!

  1. Wonderful post Tammy from the perspective of a non-Southerner… I loved it. Thanks for the great photos too!


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