Why Do We Apologize When We Cry?

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Why do we? It’s so silly. Crying is natural yet we say “I’m sorry” as soon as we start crying, like there’s something wrong with it. Do we apologize for drinking water or going to the bathroom? Of course not, because these are parts of being human.

I’ve had a few instances recently that I think warranted some tears for various reasons – frustration with my passport snafu, happiness when seeing my husband in Singapore, sad part in a movie. Whatever the reason, I’m not going to apologize for tears that need to be cried anymore.

We’ve all been told to stop crying at some point when we were growing up. Yes children’s tears flow for very different reasons than those in our adult lives. But the truth is, sometimes we just need to cry to feel better at any age.

At least as adults, we usually have valid reasons for shedding tears. But sometimes we need to let the tears roll just because. Why stifle it or be embarrassed about it? Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of being comfortable with your emotions, being human; a sign of strength in knowing that it’s okay to feel. So go ahead. Do it! Cry! And don’t apologize! I bet it’s harder than you think.

8 thoughts on “Why Do We Apologize When We Cry?

  1. I don’t mind the crying; its healthy and its an outlet of expressing my feelings out. Nothing wrong with that…


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