So It’s Dark, Who Cares

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Well, I do… but I’m trying to get over the dislike of the dark morning and value this time as mediative or a time to be productive.

I hate (and I don’t use that word often) dark mornings when I have to get up before I’m ready, but this week I have been finding the dark mornings somewhat comforting. A time I almost look forward to. I’d say it’s because the city that doesn’t sleep, does actually sleep in my neighborhood and I quite enjoy the quiet of it.

I like going for groceries or getting coffee before people come out and make the day noisy.

I revel in the quiet buzz of traffic before the honking starts.

I enjoy people’s morning moods, as they are still waking up before the stress of the day begins.

I take comfort in knowing that the time is mine. No one impeding on my morning thought stream for at least a little while. No voices or demands, just the white noise of my air purifier. I can chose to participate with the world at this time, or not.

I hate dark mornings – I said so this morning. But now thinking about that nice time I spent laying in the dark, letting my mind wake up, thinking insignificant thoughts, waiting for the light to come – I was missing what could potentially be the best part of any day. So I’m going to learn to like dark mornings. Love is a strong word, but maybe one day I will love them.