3 thoughts on “To Study… Or Not To Study?

  1. Tis’ an interesting question. I suppose the ultimate question is what is the benefit of getting it? Will it further your career? Or is it just something you want to have done?

    Both are excellent reasons. Both have to be considered. I think you should do what’s in your heart. My fall back action – flip a coin. Determine heads and tails prior to flip. When the coin decision is made, what is your gut reaction? Good vibe – then do the action prompted by the toss. Disappointment – then you have your answer, do the opposite of the toss.

    Either way, you’ll gain. Because another degree can be great on so many fronts, espe ialky if you have time to devote to it. But if you don’t pursue it, there is likely something else you are meant to be doing instead – and that thing will be presented to you, if you can read the signs.


    • So very true. I have some thinking, researching, contemplating, and weighing options to do. If I find a program I get really excited about, I will do it!


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