Do Yourself A Favor

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Get a massage.

Treat yourself. Or better yet, go regularly if can. Just go. Right after work tomorrow or while the kids are at school. Stop in at some little shop and get rubbed out.

I can’t even tell you how much better you will feel. And if you are a regular, you know what I mean.

At the end of your hour, ask for another 10 minutes for your hands and forearms. Forget your feet. Do you know how much stress you literally hold in your hands and forearms? Personally, I think I hold more tension in those areas than my shoulders, back or hips. Not that I don’t have knots in my shoulders and back with people’s names on them, but from typing, writing, carrying bags and such every single day, it’s alarming how tight those little muscles become. That last 10 minutes can really help you release so much tension. As I type now, I feel like my hands are lighter, faster and more flexible.

Spend some time on you tomorrow. You will be a happier person, have a better day, and probably a great sleep. 🙂