Why Can’t I Read?

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I just can’t read for longer than 15  minutes. Why? Why? Why?

I have huge aspirations for reading all the time, but I can’t do it for long!



I even joined two groups on goodreads.com – a non-fiction reading group and a classics group to help inspire me! However, I’m still reading the same non-fiction book I began at the start of January, and have yet to start my classics choice Treasure Island (chosen by recommendation thanks to Monica).

I’m still reading And the Mountains Echoed, the new Khaled Hosseini book, three weeks later. I started to read the book with Jill so we could talk about it. Well, she’s done and I’m still halfway through… I like the book… The story is good, characters interesting. Why can’t I focus?

I can read for entire flights though, nearly completing entire books! Maybe I just need this…



6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Read?

  1. I feel your pain! I find I pretty much have 2 or three started at any given time. But when I do find one I can’t put down that’s another kind of misery because then I’m obsessed with finishing…not absorbing the mechanics and clever turn of phrase etc.


  2. Hey, just popped over here because you linked to my post on the Liebster Award – congratulations!

    Also, as an English teacher and writer, I was happy to hear that blogging has made you discover you love writing so much! That’s awesome!

    I’d advise you to take a candlelit bath with a cup of herbal tea and read while moving your legs. The motion of the water may soothe and relax you to the point where you can concentrate!

    Another suggestion is to not force yourself. Read when you feel like it. You’ll enjoy it more! And my last one involves finding the right atmosphere to read. I know I now have difficulty reading when it’s noisy or when the TV is on. I never used to be this way, so maybe it’s a sign of getting older? Not sure.

    Anyways, good luck with your blog and with reading. Nice of you to link to my post. 🙂 Take care.


    • No problem! Thanks for the tips, I think my probably is not having a quiet reading spot – too many distractions!


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