Jingly Jog!

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Yesterday morning I participated in the NYRR Jingle Bell Jog today; my first official registered “winter” run ever.



I was a bit nervous because this was a new race condition for me. My minute amount of anxiety concerning this morning’s run was not the location or route or whether I could finish, but… clothing.

I am not new to winter running but new to winter race events.

When Brett and I lived in Edmonton we used to run in the winter a lot; running on the packed snow in our section of the river valley, on the icy stairs up to cross the Rossdale bridge, then along the caked up sidewalk back to the condo. We wouldn’t have to worry about being warm enough or getting stranded because we literally would be running immediately from the entrance and end at the entrance. No chance to get cold en route to a run or afterward, and if we were cold while running of well! It was a short distance!

So my worry for this race was – will I be warm enough? Would I get too hot during the run? I needed to travel to Prospect Park, no big deal. Done that enough times, but I was concerned about the walk from the subway to the start and then back to the subway afterward. And I didn’t want to get too hot when running either. Well, I think I planned well.

The key: simple layers and bag check.

The gear:

  • tech T-shirt
  • long-sleeved tech shirt
  • Nike Pro Dri-Fit semi-turtleneck-ish sweater
  • regular gym pants (I opted out wearing the Dri-Fit pants because it wasn’t super cold)
  • Uniqlo down jacket (squishes to fit in the clear bag check bag)
  • headband and gloves

So here’s the warmth break down:

I was warm on the way to the park. I changed into my Dri-Fit top near the bag check area then checked my bag right away.

I walked over to the start area and was comfortable. I’ve become a good judge of arriving to the start at just the right time so I only had to wait a few minutes to begin.

During the run I was comfortable on top, although my thighs and butt were a cold. I probably could have opted for the Dri-Fit pants, but I was fine. I wore my headband and gloves for 2 of the 4 miles then removed them and clipped them to my belt.

Post-run – no problem! — The bag check was just past the finish line so I went right there after collecting an apple and hot chocolate (opted out of the red and green bagels). Once I got my bag, I swapped my Dri-Fit top for my puffy jacket and headed to the subway. Perfecto!

Thankfully the rain had stopped and it was nice enough out at about -2 Celsius,  but it’s cooling down this week… Hope I’ll be warm enough for Ted Corbitt 10k next Saturday in Central Park!

2 thoughts on “Jingly Jog!

  1. 2C not very cold.. is it a damp cold? We have been having -28C to -37C then with wind chill up to -40+C. That would keep you running fast. However the roads and sidewalks are extremely slippery!! The only running people I have seen are those at walk lights and they move very fast to get across the to the over side. Dressed in big winter coats,heavy snow boots, lots of scarfs, to cover the face from the wind! Mitts, warm gloves, children in snow pants,some looking like the younger brother in “The Christmas Story” LOL, wear 2 pair of pants, 3 tops, then my leather coat (winterized), Hat, at least one scarf. my Winter Olympic Mitts when they were in Vancouver, winter boots and this is just to get on the DATS bus or van. I can not stay in the cold for any length of time!! Sometimes I wear the above with out the coat and mitts,winter scarfs inside.lol (this is true).Tammy you are a true heart runner and good luck on your next running adventure!!


    • It is a humid type of cold, but right now it’s not bad. Not even close to Edmonton, and so glad. Stay warm!


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