I Want to Live in Anthropologie

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I have been frequenting this fantastic retail establishment for some time now and it’s often not to shop. Entering the “store” (and I hate to call it that) is like entering into someone’s lived in space.

I know it’s super dreamy sounding, but if you are the cozy-French-bohemian-country-farm-housey home decor, soaps, recipe books, dresses, accessories type, you will be in love. All this loveliness living in a few thousand square feet of equally cozy-French-bohemian-country-farmhouse decorated space. Sigh.

I would just need a mini-kitchen space to hang my ruffled apron, lavender-scented dish rags and place all my other amazingly beautiful kitcheny stuff, and of course a huge basin to wash my monogrammed plates and tea goblets.

My bathroom would be equipped with all the luscious smells needed in a bathing room, comfy robes and towels, and of course my beloved claw foot tub.

You are invited over any time, as long as you bring fresh cut flowers, an organic snack and your positive attitude.

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