Get Off Your Phone

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No offense to people who talk on their cell phones or text in public (we all do it), just please pay attention to what you are doing because many things can go wrong. For example:


  • You will probably walk into someone or something.
  • You may fall or trip in a pothole.
  • Your kid (if you have one) may get lost, choke, fall or get injured.
  • You are sharing details about yourself and others that the public should probably not know (or care to know).
  • You will drop your jar of spaghetti sauce on the floor at the grocery store because your hands are too full.
  • You may drop your phone or other items in the subway track, in the crosswalk or other place you don’t want it to land.
  • You may become completely unaware of the fact that the walk light is a hand and you follow the crowd across the street, barely being missed by a bus (witnessed this a couple of weeks ago) or speeding taxi. And of course you are lucky if you are missed).
  • Your phone may be stolen right out of your hands by some thief punk (recent experience with this – although the score is ME-1, PUNK-0. Nice try little bastard.)

*Side note disclaimer: It seems people using headsets are less likely to become victims of situations gone awry; perhaps the hands-free is the savior here.

You will probably agree that all of the above mentioned events are completely unfortunate and I’m positive you would rather not be faced with any of these situations. So always expect the unexpected when using your phone in public. Please use your device safely and mindfully, facetiousness aside of course.

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