Oh Jeez, What Have I Become?

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I joined the New York Health & Racquet Club a couple of weeks ago. When I visited the club on 50th Street in the spring I liked the cozy feeling of the club. It didn’t feel like the other gyms I’ve tried in the city. Unpretentious, homey.

I waited to join knowing that summer would get me outside, however I was looking for a closer, cheaper spot to get back into my yoga practice too.

So I decided to bite the bullet and join a couple of weeks ago since the weather was getting unpredictable … Great class schedule and facilities that I want to use.

Soooooo, I went to the gym tonight and tried something new… I even got a new outfit for it… and joined all the others… in the pool… for… aquacise. Oh my gaud, did I just say that out loud? YES – OKAY! I said aquacise! Holy crap – what has happened to me?! I thought it would be a good idea to do some non-impact exercise! Turns out was right. In fact, little old Judy pretty much kicked my butt. I didn’t know that pool noodles and foam pieces would make my arms quiver. I’m pretty sure I will have a hard time moving my poor limbs tomorrow.

Who knew splashing around with people double my age would be kind of fun, even the conversation in the sauna afterward. Oh my gaauuud, in the sauna? I feel like I belong in an episode of Seinfeld.


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