I Could Do That

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My husband and I have this ongoing “you could do that” conversation when we are watching TV or out and about watching people. Similarly, as recently as this morning, my friend Tina says the same “I could do that”! I’m sure there are many people who say that, well at least think it but strangely my neurons fire at the same time and in the same way that Tina’s do. Not only do we have similar tastes and hankerings for life’s great adventures, our brains seems to house these similar “I could do that” thoughts! Woooooooooo!

For example, my husband and I will be watching a show like the Today show and my husband will say “you could do that”. And by “that” he means, host a show. And of course I agree. I could do that!

So here is my list of “I could do that”:

1. Host a show like “Kathy Lee & Hoda” – seriously! How do I get that job, honestly?! Sit behind a table, drink wine in the morning and read from a teleprompter and talk about what I did the night before with my BFF? Ya! I could totally do that! (#tbt photo)


Circa 1999ish?


2. Be a director. Telling people (well, children) what to do is what I dooooooo. Now I just need to attach the big $$$ to it. I love telling people what to do! But if I was a director, when someone do something the way I wanted, I could probably just fire them. Awesome!


Thanks Google for the image

3. Be Supernanny. Yes I’m a nurturing teacher, but tough love is where it’s at. And I’ll stop there…

4. Create monumentally hilarious characters for reoccurring SNL skits. I’ve already been told I look similar to Kristen Wiig, and have a similar demeanor and mannerisms. Not sharing my character and skit ideas for obvious reasons. 😉

5. Assist celebs in purchasing useless, expensive crap that no one needs. Enough said.


Thank you again Google & realtor.com

This is a short list, for now, and I actually think that my list of “I couldn’t do that” is much longer… Unfortunately we are always our own worst enemy making these things happen or not happen!

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