Lost Soul

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I really become annoyed when my day is not as productive as I want it to be. By productive, I’m not even sure what I mean. Cleaning? Finishing a book? Doing errands?

Today I felt like a lost soul when I didn’t complete my unimportant list of to-do’s OR in the order that I wanted – yes I’m OCD like that. I’ll blame it on the rain. Milli Vanilli did.

My plan: run, shower, take the bus up to Target, stop at Lord & Taylor, J. Crew and Gap, Food Emporium and possibly Sports Authority then come home and get dinner ready for Brett, read (book is due tomorrow and need to finish) and maybe watch my new obsession, Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Sounds like an ADD day to me!

My day turned into: run, shower, headed out to bus but turned back for umbrella because maneuvering an umbrella and bags from Target would be a disaster.

Left again with my umbrella and walked in what felt like circles because I couldn’t decide if I should go to places where I would need to try on clothes with wet feet so went to Food Emporium then went home to drop that off. Had to wash off my dirt splattered legs too.

Then I left again after the rain was finished. Went to Gap – no luck, Lord & Taylor and picked up a nice little Michael Kors tote, J. Crew – no luck, made a quick stop at the NYPL – no luck, and totally forgot about going to Sports Authority.

Got home and ate food that shouldn’t have been eaten which I didn’t want to do today, read, and started listing my unneeded teacher books on Amazon to sell. As I’m doing this, I hear Brett’s key in the door. Oops.

By no means am I complaining about my day; after all, the heat wave is over, I have my health, and I did run and shower.

Hope your day was calm and productive!


4 thoughts on “Lost Soul

    • No, not expired, I just didn’t want to eat pizza and pretzels. Trying to unbloat myself! I eat expired food though like yogurt, bread, cheese – as long as it’s not totally molding or sour!


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