OMGaaaauuudddd! Stop Making That Freaking Noise!

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I don’t know about your hearing, but mine is pretty sensitive. And there is a range of pitches and type of sound that make me craaaaazy.

I can be at one end of a subway car and hear someone’s excessive plastic bag crinkling from the opposite end.

I can be working with a student, involved in conversation and the sound of someone tapping their pencil will drive me bananas.

I can hear someone clicking their pen from the opposite side of the room and I feel the obsessive need to find the culprit and stare him or her down.

I can hear people whispering when it is supposed to be quiet and my ear will tune to that sound instead of what I am supposed to be hearing.

If I am trying to sleep and my husband is still up, I can’t stand the sound of his cup on the coaster or the movement of the mouse on the desk.

I can’t stand the sound of movements – period – when I am teaching.

I can’t handle loud breathing or nose whistles.

And, omg, some people’s high pitched whistling just gets right in the depth of my eardrum (and this happened today at the grocery store, I almost had to plug my ears).

Is this an age thing? A whacky female hormone thing? A super sonic eardrum vacuum thing? I think it’s actually called misophonia or maybe sound sensitivity syndrome – not self-diagnosing – but kind of am.

Anyone else got this annoying problem?? What sounds drive you up the wall??