OMGaaaauuudddd! Stop Making That Freaking Noise!

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I don’t know about your hearing, but mine is pretty sensitive. And there is a range of pitches and type of sound that make me craaaaazy.

I can be at one end of a subway car and hear someone’s excessive plastic bag crinkling from the opposite end.

I can be working with a student, involved in conversation and the sound of someone tapping their pencil will drive me bananas.

I can hear someone clicking their pen from the opposite side of the room and I feel the obsessive need to find the culprit and stare him or her down.

I can hear people whispering when it is supposed to be quiet and my ear will tune to that sound instead of what I am supposed to be hearing.

If I am trying to sleep and my husband is still up, I can’t stand the sound of his cup on the coaster or the movement of the mouse on the desk.

I can’t stand the sound of movements – period – when I am teaching.

I can’t handle loud breathing or nose whistles.

And, omg, some people’s high pitched whistling just gets right in the depth of my eardrum (and this happened today at the grocery store, I almost had to plug my ears).

Is this an age thing? A whacky female hormone thing? A super sonic eardrum vacuum thing? I think it’s actually called misophonia or maybe sound sensitivity syndrome – not self-diagnosing – but kind of am.

Anyone else got this annoying problem?? What sounds drive you up the wall??

4 thoughts on “OMGaaaauuudddd! Stop Making That Freaking Noise!

  1. Yes Tammy! I have that same problem. I thought I was losing my hearing so got tested and tester actually told me that I have extremely good hearing. I didn’t believe her because if I go to a restaurant or pub I usually have great difficulty hearing people. If I’m with a large group I must sit in the middle otherwise I will hear nothing. In fact even then I have to lip read often. So that was my argument to prove I was losing my hearing. The tester then asked if I had noticed that when alone I could hear the tv even at the lowest levels but as soon as someone else entered the room and silently watched with me I had to turn up the volume ecponentially. Yes! That was me … yet still the noisy pub issue. Her explanation for that was my ears could pick up so many sounds around me that it drowned out the conversation right in front of me. So I now tell my students that my superpower is my supersonic hearing … so watch what you say when you think I can’t hear you lol!


    • I remember you talking about this. It’s an annoyance but can work in your favor as a teacher for sure ahahah!


  2. Clearly you are a freak or you have sensory prosessing disorder or severe OCD or ADHD or somewhere on the autism spectrum or are just that cranky old teacher who likes things a certain way and that’s it! We called her Mrs. Lappin/grade 4. She eventually went mad from us tapping, sniffing, and blinking. I do believe the writing is on the wall 😉


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