There’s A Reason I Don’t Drive

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That’s because I’ve actually come to hate it. I was okay with it because I lived in a place where I had to drive to get around in a decent amount of time.

Now I hate it. I don’t like it all.

Selling my car and living in a city where the norm is traveling by public transit is something that I totally own. Although a crowded subway car is not my favorite place, but it does allow me freedom. Yes there is a schedule to stick to, but I’m good with that. The freedom comes with attention. I can read, eat with ease, sleep (unlikely unless on Amtrak), stand up, walk around, stretch, watch people, organize my bag, grade papers, write blogs posts… need I go on?

I do not miss car maintenance, stopping for gas, scraping the windshield, warming the car, locating the car in a parking lot, paying insurance, getting a flat changed, having road rage induced by other stupid drivers, driving in snow storms, having someone drive right on my ass, waiting in traffic… need I go on?

Anywhere I want to experience will have a train, bus, plane, boat, cab or bike to get me there. So I’m done renting cars. Not doing it anymore.


One thought on “There’s A Reason I Don’t Drive

  1. When I was in New York for a training course, I thought to myself that I would never be able to drive in the city. It is crazy. I do not blame you one little bit, Plus you can walk to a lot of places I wish I was able to drive, however the driving situation here is quite a bit different from New York, I miss the freedom I once had. I make appointments with DATS(disable adult transportation service). They only drive in the city limits,so it makes hard to see my friends in Stony Plain,my family Dr;dentist,and chiropractor whom are all in Stony. One thing I do not miss is car maintenance. Since I will never have the opportunity to drive again, I guess I will not have to worry about that. Love your cartoon picture


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