Your Body Won’t Take Care Of Itself

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And neither will your mind.

Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally/emotionally takes time and thought. If we don’t do it, it’s not going to happen on it’s own. If you are feeling headachy, stressed, anxious, depressed, tingly, heavy or whatever else, here is a list of things I’ve tried and have found success in getting myself back into physical and mental shape.

1. Get a massage – I mentioned this in another post not so long ago. Just do it. Get all your knots worked out. You’ll thank yourself.

2. Try acupuncture – Get your energies balanced so your body can function properly and you can feel calm and relaxed.

3. Go to a naturopathic doctor – Try some herbal supplements to regulate your body naturally and without side effects. When your body feels healthy, your mind will follow.

4. Get outside – Engage in physical activity. Go walking, jogging, biking, hiking, yoga, or anything to get your blood flowing.

5. Meditate – Train your mind to be peaceful and serene.

6. Reduce your consumption of caffeine – Try decaf like I am to reduce the jitters and physical effects of anxiety.

7. Be social – Nothing takes your mind off your stressors like talking with friends or meeting new people.

8. Hypnotherapy or therapy – Let a trance and a calm voice help you work through limitations and/or talk through your stressors, anxieties, life with someone who knows nothing about you.

Taking care of your social emotional needs will help you stay physically healthy. Never dismiss the effect of your thoughts on your physical well-being.

Happy Sunday!