Why Was I Avoiding It?

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I have been wearing Nike Free shoes for years – not sure how many pairs and models I’ve gone through. But in light of the semi-recent knee pain I’ve experienced during long distance runs, I finally faced facts. I needed to go to the running store and have my legs and feet assessed, and allow someone to recommend shoes. I don’t know why I was resisting the change in shoes- usually change is pretty easy for me.

So test ran a few pairs and settled for some Mizuno Wave Runner 17s. Usually can’t go wrong with Japanese technology. They felt good in the toes and heel as I tested them out on the treadmill. Still light like my Frees, roomy enough in the toe, and not too flashy. I’ve got two weeks to try them outside and return them if necessary – and if they’re good I’ve got three weeks until the Brooklyn half to get used to them. So hoping these shoes will answer my knee issues. Toes crossed.

Thanks www.mainemomontherun.com for the review!

Thanks for the review! http://www.mainemomontherun.com


3 thoughts on “Why Was I Avoiding It?

  1. wow 2 weeks!! Good that you get to try the shoes out! By the way Tammy have you been to a
    Dr. about your knee pain? I hope so! Good luck both on the shoes and the Brooklyn Run. My motto Keep on keeping on running girl]


    • No doctor yet because the muscle rolling and the stretches have been helping. The new shoes were great yesterday on my run. Thanks!


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