Late Afternoon Smile

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I felt like today was one of those really blechy days. Like as soon as you get to work you just don’t want to deal with anything or talk to anyone, or even think. One of those days that is just an aggravation and anything you do is not what you want to be doing.

So the day goes on. I’ll spare you the details.

But on my way home around 4pm, I’m walking on 110 Street, crossing Madison Avenue. The same way I walk to the subway everyday after school.

And I hear the music… the music I would hear in warmer temps last fall. Before the long and cold winter days. It’s good to hear. So I look for him. The one who plays the music. He opens the doors to his vehicle, which I’ve never taken notice of, and turns up the music. I’m looking…

And there he is. In his foldable lawn chair, sporting his black faux fur jacket, listening to that funky music. I look at him. He smiles and then he waves at me. I smile and wave back. And I keep smiling for about a block because I’ve forgotten about the day I had. I’m remembering the simple things that make me smile. I’m thinking about spring. About the weekend, spring break, summer.

And then I’m wondering what he will be wearing tomorrow when I see him again, grooving in his chair, tunes cranked.

I will miss him when I leave this neighborhood. When I move on. But I will find someone else who will play their music and make me smile.

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