Throwback Thursday #8 – White Bread, No Crust

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Things I miss about childhood…

white bread sandwiches that my mom would cut the crusts off of

riding my bike to Tags with Joc for daily donuts and slushes after school, or a little brown bag full of candy

wearing knee-high socks and knickers

being care-free

not doing work after school (don’t really remember doing much homework)

eating popsicles and jumping on the trampoline

biking and walking around for hours, for no reason

packing my little bag with snacks and dolls and going “camping” down by the creek

skating on the creek

tobogganing down our hills

driving my little Honda 50 around

rainbow ice cream from Pioneer Ice Cream

watching Family Ties, The Cosby’s, and Who’s the Boss on my little TV

performing Chicago songs to various “audiences”

dressing up like a fool for reason

the smell of Strawberry Shortcake

setting up the Barbie houses then not playing with them

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