Throwback Thursday #5 – Veggie Dinners

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Wordless Wednesday posts are sometimes clues to Throwback Thursday posts, in case you had or hadn’t noticed… well, this is what I’m trying to do anyway.

So my Wordless Wednesday photo of my veggies, cheese, salami and breadsticks dinner is my topic. That plate of goodness is a pretty typical dinner during the week for Brett and I. Heavy on the veggies and hummus or tzaziki, lighter on the cheese and crackers.

This throwback only goes back just a few months, but I was thinking about when Brett and I decided to start eating raw veggies for dinner during the week, instead of regular dinners. He was finding that eating a larger lunch then coming home to dinner a few hours later was too much food. So we came up with a plan for weeknight dinners. We would eat raw veggies, hummus, maybe crackers, salami and cheese, but mostly veggies for dinner during the week. Weekends are early “regular” dinner days. We’ve kept this new routine going since October and we’ve been successful with it. I think this eating “plan” even makes me feel less guilty about the limited running and gym time over the winter! Yay!

Maybe you want to give it a try!

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