If You Think It’s Too Good to be True…

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… maybe it’s actually just that good!

When someone approaches you with a “great deal” or something “free”, what do you do? Dive right in? Run away? Well, Brett and I like to dodge the bullet. We are usually skeptics in these situations because usually there is some fine print.

Well today was the day I bought into an attractive idea. Pay without paying?

See, this really happy girl from PayPal at Ground Central Coffee shared the magic with us.

So here’s the deal: you pay with your phone using the PayPal app instead of your with credit or debit card. It’s kind of like the yelp deals, but those deals show up at the end of your dining and are deductions on the bill. Here’s the beauty of the PayPal app purchase: when you go up to pay, your PayPal photo ID comes up and the transaction is done without doing anything! Awesome. This is something I actually found useful! On the app there are coupons, so you locate a place that uses this PayPal feature and use it in an instant. The promotion at the coffee shop was a $20 coupon, so Brett and I enjoyed our cappuccinos and artisan sandwiches in the cozy upright chairs courtesy of PayPal! Sweet!

Sometimes it’s okay to let your guard down and enjoy something a total stranger is trying to share with you.

Ground Central Coffee coziness

Ground Central Coffee coziness

3 thoughts on “If You Think It’s Too Good to be True…

  1. Great Go with your gut feeling,if it bothers you or feels funny then do not do it/ Obviously, you and Brett did not get that feeling and enden up with a great deal. Congratulations. Have fun with that app.


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