Jab, Cross, Jab, Kick!

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Oh how I missed you! I missed kickboxing classes! This was my thing about a decade ago. I used to be obsessed with kickboxing and boot camp classes. I guess that’s why I was in pretty good shape then.



So I decided to try the Jab class at the gym. I’m very particular about instructors, having been one in the past. I know, it sounds like I’m picky… but I guess I am. I used to be more so when I taught classes, but as time has progressed I became less “judgmental”. Well, not really judgmental, I just look for certain things from instructors in their classes. This class wasn’t the best I’ve participated in (that title goes to Jenny at Spa Lady in Edmonton), but the instructor was a fun, high-energy crazy dude who pushed us the whole 45 minutes. So I’ll go back for more. Except I need to dig out my cross-trainers before then. I wore my running shoes, not even thinking about it – no bueno.

Was I tired? Not as tired as I thought I would be, but I may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

One thought on “Jab, Cross, Jab, Kick!

  1. wth..You not i good shape with all the running you do. I can see your arms being sore for a little while super woman!!!!! Enjoy your classes. You are one funny woman!!


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