Oh Cadbury, How I Love You

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While shopping on Bleecker Street today with my friend, Alaa and her friend (but now my new potential running buddy) Diana we stumbled upon a shop I should have never gone into…. The London Candy Company….

Let’s just say I walked out with $30 in chocolate.

Do you know how excited was to find Cadbury specialties, particularly Bubbly? When we were leaving London at the end of August, we bought these gigantic Bubbly bars at the duty-free shop. I was sad when our supply had depleted, to say the least. SO – when I saw these babies in this shop, I was beyond excited.

Nothing wrong with a little (or $30 worth of) chocolate treat once in a while.


One thought on “Oh Cadbury, How I Love You

  1. Tam we will have to send you some cad bury chocolates for Xmas..send me your wish list.. I’m not sure about the big bubbly but I have not looked for them yet. But sure can send you some other for a Xmas treat!!Aunty Sabrina


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