It’s September and I’m Okay With It

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There’s no denying summer goes fast every year, sadly of course. But I really can’t complain that today it is September. My summer has been full of amazing experiences and I got to cross many to-dos of my to-do list.

I’ve always lived where there are four explicit seasons (well, Alberta spring and fall are questionable). I’m not sure what it would be like having the same climate all year because I do love fall. I love the coolness in the air in the mornings and evenings; I don’t mind throwing on a light sweater. Fall for me is like New Year but the weather is better and it lasts longer. I’ve always looked forward to the start of a new school year. A ripple in the calendar year when new programs begin, when we pick up new clothes/supplies for the changing season, when many of us have a fresh start and a refreshed outlook thanks to time away at summer.

So enjoy your Labor Day weekend. And remember – along with fall also comes apple and pumpkin picking, changing colors and pumpkin beer! Cheers. 😉


Pumpkin patch near Bethpage, LI


Summer recap to come…

2 thoughts on “It’s September and I’m Okay With It

  1. I just wrote a comment and was getting near the end and it disappeared??? I did not get a chance to post it and now I do not feel like writing it all over again. Anyway September reminds me of the newness of the year. We should celebrate New year on Sept 1st (Happy New Year’s Day) today since it is Sept 1st!! Everything is new, we usually meet new friends (in school) learn new subjects, get our fresh notebooks that smell so good (pre-tech era) with promises to ourselves that we will stay in the margins and fill the books with our ingenious and pride. Our teachers will tell us how smart we have become!! That is the first day!! By the nest day we have started doodling on the outside. Now we are the great artists. It goes on throughout the school year . Changes are made daily,weekly,monthly,or by the season but there is nothing like September


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