Second Week – Finito!

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Wow, two weeks down – 38 to go! Not that I’m counting…

So the 2nd week of school deemed to be fruitful. Although we had a few vomiters here and there throughout the school, we were able to really get some routines solidified.  It was great getting our new technology program started. This year our school received a Federal grant for technology and assessment purposes.  All students in 3rd and 4th grades are working on Reading and Math for 30 minutes each a day.  The program seemed to be quite a hit this week. The program is currently our means for assessing the kids. Hopefully it will give us some accurate baselines.

I have to say, the vote we took at the end of last school year to change our Friday schedule to end at 2:20pm has so far been amazingly wonderful! We are all smiles as Friday approaches of course.

A few teachers from my school and couple former co-workers went for a nice little Happy Hour event in my neighborhood amongst the crazy Midtown East UN Assembly days.  The streets have been full of Secret Service vehicles, men with machine guns and headsets, streets barricaded and closed for the transport of President Obama.  Strangely, the travel route for the President happens to be on my street, so it feels a little prison-like when I walk out my building at this time. No worries though, I can handle it a few days a year.

Stay tuned for the completion of Week 3!

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