First Week – Done!

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So… the first full week of school is over… How was it? Besides the fact that getting up at 6am every day is now going to be the norm, it was fine. That’s all. Just fine. Nothing exciting, only a couple of kids that will most likely be the cause of a few headaches, it was just ok.

We have some new things going on this year, but I’m just going to take everything in stride. All the deadlines, all the new programs, all the last minute schedule changes, all the complaining. This year I will not let my workout schedule suffer or become abandoned because it is too cold or because I am too tired.

I will be get my grad work done when I have time and try not to obsess over the deducted marks I think are unfair – which right now I am stewing over! Brett tells me that it really doesn’t make a difference in the end. I try to think that way, but I obsess over these things and always strive for the perfect grade… What can I say? I’m anal about these things.

So I end the somewhat mundane week with a nice time at happy hour with a few teacher friends at an Upper East Side pub. A great way to end a 5 day work week.

Here’s to the second week. Cheers teacher friends!

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