#tbt 24 – Crop It

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And by crop it, I’m not talking about the picture.

Circa 1998, post Cuba

Circa summer 1998, post Cuba

#tbt #10 – I Was Born Today

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But actually in 1975. On a Thursday though.

So that means in 39 years you will celebrate your birthday on the day of the week you were born.

Well, it won’t be the first time, but it might be the first time you remember. Like me.

Happy birthday me! And the rest of you who were born on March 13th!

Throwback Thursday #4 – Chasing Cars

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You know how hearing a song throws you back in time?

Well I’m throwing it back with “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, one of my songs on repeat.


American Thanksgiving.

My first in NYC.

Brett on the west coast and me on the east.

Calling him to chat, see what was up for the weekend.

Wondering why he isn’t answering his phone.

Wonder turning to worry.

Hours later….

he walks through my show box apartment door.




The perfect Thanksgiving surprise.

Throwback Thursday #3 – Au Coton

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Please tell me you remember the Au Coton clothing fad of the ’80’s – the decade with the best music and cult-classic movies yet the WORST hair and clothing styles. Seriously, look at these girls…. And I looked just like them from about 1986-1989.



To call this brand of slouchy, layering clothing style an obsession would be an understatement. My poor parents. On weekend shopping trips to West Edmonton Mall, I would drag them into this store so I could basically buy the same set of clothes I already had, just in every color. (Okay, okay – I still do this. If I love something I buy it in multiple colors, what’s wrong with that?) But look at this! Woowwwwww. So sorry I don’t have any pics of me these awesome frocks. Next time I’m at my mom’s I’ll try to find some. You will be flabbergasted.