New Favorite Color!

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What’s my new favorite color?


Why? Because it’s the color of my permanent resident card I’ll be getting from immigration in the next couple of months! The wait is almost over!!

The confusion then excitement I felt when I read the email from my immigration lawyer was intense! I was walking home from a Grand Central after a day at a literacy curriculum workshop when I read the email.

I just wanted to laugh out loud as I was walking! So I did! I was so excited! I tried to call hubs to share the news. No answer! My text to him: Call me!!!!! So I text Monica and Lana in my bewilderment! I had to share my confusion/excitement/bewilderment … I thought there was a mistake in the email.

My lawyer notified those of us in the green card process there would be no more advancement in the process until October, and it would be slow progress until the spring of 2014… But – unexpectedly, a huge advancement! Thank you USCIS!

After 7 years of visas and being tied to the DOE via sponsorship, I am almost free to do as I please!

Now to get the paper work together….