Memorable Migraines

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Yep… had one of those today. No bueno. Total disruption of the day – no work, all day in bed, no light, no sounds, no TV but somehow so starving even with the lack of activity. Hm.

Fellow migraine sufferers know the drill and we know that one of these babies is going to do nothing but mess up the day (or days for severe suffers). Luckily I’m not in the severe category – however my day becomes almost completely useless minus the sleeping part.

I can barely look at this picture because I hurts my head, but this creeped me out when I saw it because this is what I see!

I can barely look at this picture because I hurts my head, but this creeped me out when I saw it because this is what I see!

For some reason people think you can just drink some coffee or take an Advil and power through the day. Not so. I feel like this is one of those times when you can say, “if you’ve never had one – you have no idea”, kind of like those times when a mother, a single woman or a teacher says that.

So anyway, this post is not about the signs and symptoms of migraines, how to feel better, or about how my day ended up. It’s about the memory of migraines past. Because as much as I’d like not to remember these times, these monsters become etched in all of our minds (um, and kind of literally).

My first migraine: In the spring of 1997 after a break-up. I was with one of my besties in Banff for some away time. We were watching David Letterman and I told her that the screen was looking weird, like I couldn’t see it all. She told me what was happening…. I had joined the Migraine Club. Thank goodness I was going to sleep anyway.

My most recent (besides today of course): This past April, when I was reading the directions of the Math State Exam to my group of students. I suddenly couldn’t see most of the words on the page, so I had to get the hall proctor to relieve me… Tried to sleep through it at school in the Teacher Resource Room, but it really only got worse. Worst symptoms I’d had.

And the following experiences are not in order…

Got one while driving to a lake in Jasper where Brett was going to do his advanced diving class. Good thing he was driving. While he attended the class, I slept in the car.

Got one during a kick-boxing class. I really tried to kick my way through it. Had to wait until I could see before I could drive home… fast.

Got one a few blocks from home when Brett and I were walking to the park to go running. Went home.

Got one last December after running the Rock n’ Roll half marathon in Vegas. Literally got to the hotel, had a bath and saw the aura.

Got a quite few while at school over the last few years – usually one in the fall and one in the spring. Thankfully I can usually leave right away.

After a day of darkness, my eyes hurt. Thank you computer.  Anyway, share your migraine stories or otherwise. Night night.

Trips of Summers Past

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Today the kids arrive for our yearly summer adventure. Well, they are not kids anymore, they’re teens. We’ve been going on some sort of summer adventure since they were little, whether we lived near them or not.

Here’s a look back at the trips of summers past:

2012 – Kids came to NY then we went to Florida from here. Rented a car and a house in Celebration. Went to WDW, Universal Studios, Downtown Disney, Gator Land, boys went fishing, girls went to Animal Kingdom and Cirque du Soleil La Nouba.

Medieval Time at Kissimmee - August 2012

Medieval Time at Kissimmee – August 2012

2011 – Kids came with Brett’s nephew, Shae and sister, Rhonda. NYC time! Brooke returned home with Auntie and Shae. Bray stayed a few days longer- we took him to Boston for a couple of days, then he and hubs flew to Calgary for fly fishing on the Bow.


At Rockefeller – July 2011

2010 – Mountain time at sister in law’s in Canmore. Good times with Granny, Auntie, Shae and the four of us. Not to mention, 97 year old Grandma! Activities included time in Banff and Canmore, Sulphur Mountain climb, white water rafting, zip-lining, wall climbing, boys went fishing on the Bow, drive to Lake Louise.


Rafting on the Kananaskis – 2010. Note: Granny and Grandma are not in the picture!

2009 – Kids came to NYC. Lots of sight seeing and a trip out to Montauk.


Brooklyn Bridge – July 2009

2008 – Brett and I went back to get the kids and took them to Vancouver. Rented a condo in Yaletown. Went to Granville Island, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, took a trolley tour, boys went fishing. Bray came back to NY with us. We also took the train down to DC and toured Gettysburg.


Serious business at the White House – 2008

2007 – Our first full summer after moving away. Alberta/Saskatchewan road trip.  Fishing trip at Lake Mirond in an old fishing cabin with Rhonda, Shae, and Grandpa. No Brooke on this trip.


Gettin the fish fry ready! July 2007

2006 and summer prior not as fresh in my head.

This year: London! (Insert British accent) We’re going to see the Royal baby, Prince George. Will let you know if we see him!