My Shins… They’re A Mess

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Something about my shins the last few months. Seems like any chance to scrape, bruise or injure them, I’ve been doing it. Let’s review…

First incident: An accident by way of box steps at after school Boot Camp, September 2016. Right shin hard against the rickety old table we were jumping on, of course on my last jump. Oh the pain and wooziness! Thank goodness the quick action of the trainer and bandaging of the school nurse, the visible bruising and scarring was minimal. The deep numbness and bruising, however, still present five months later…

Second incident: Spartan Race Bintan, November 2016. Not surprising that one would be scraped up from rocks in the water. A lovely scrape on the left shin became a bit of a piece of work. A trip to the doctor warranted some antibacterial topical cream for that somewhat infected wound. The tropics is just not the place for wounds to heal quickly! Three months later and that gash has become an interesting looking pink scar with some white surrounding marks. It’s quite a look.

Third incident, and definitely the third-time charm:  Walking…. January 2017. To be fair, it had been very a monsoony few days and the edge of the sidewalk was slippery. I was walking with my scooter and talking to a colleague, and then I was on the ground. I stood up, and found that this incident by far, made the most damage. Thankfully all the wounds are healing as they should, but let me tell you, my shin is a mess. I’ll spare you the visual.

It’s Time

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Ok, I really haven’t been Jibbery Jabbering enough. Well, I have in my husband’s and friend’s ears, but not yours. And I’m sorry about that.

I really do miss telling stories about… just anything really. So it’s time to go back to beginning life of the blog. Frequent writing, telling stories, about anything. Especially things that don’t really matter. And maybe you’ll get a laugh. I think we all need a little of that right now. Some mindless laughter or nattering on about nothing. Like Seinfeld, but maybe not as funny, but always about nothing important.