I Don’t Miss You

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Well, New York.

I win.

I don’t miss you.

I don’t miss the noise, the smells, the careful observation of my surroundings. It’s been nice to let those things go.

Oh, New York… I don’t miss you, yet.

What I do miss about you… my friends. In fact, I’ve had two dreams in the last week about hugging two different friends! I must be hug deprived!

Despite the 12-15 hour time differences, I communicate with my buddies often – but it’s a little hard knowing I just can’t go for drinks or lunch or brunch or to the beach at a moment’s notice. Thankfully I’ve met some great people here that I can do those things with too, but we don’t share the history and the New York memories… And that’s ok.

I might, however, miss New York in the fall… But we’ll see.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Miss You

  1. Enjoy yourself. If you made it out of New York with withdrawl consider yourself lucky—even when I leave for a moment, I miss it. I love the pace, the food and having everything at my fingertips. I am excited to read about your new adventures. -BG


    • Thanks for reading Brett! I thought it would be harder to leave, but I really just needed the break from it. There really is no place like it.


    • Aw that’s nice to hear! Like I said, I miss people but not things about the city at this moment. Hope everything is starting out ok so far!


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