March 31st?

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Holy crap, March is over. The weather sucked and I was under the weather for a few days but other than that, it was a fruitful month. And for that, I am grateful and happy.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Got our green cards! That makes this the best March ever!
  2. Birthday was nice – unexpected treats from friends and thoughtfully planned dinner at a great tapas restaurant (Alta in Greenwich Village) from Brett.
  3. Exciting opportunities floating around for both Brett and I.
  4. First half marathon of the year was successful!
  5. Already have half my qualifications in for the 2015 NYC marathon! Sweet!
  6. Registered for a class – yep, I’m officially a student again!
  7. Booked some vegging/beach time for our mid-April spring break!
  8. Brooke is visiting over her spring break – her first solo trip! Awesome!

Excited for April – lots of fun planned! (And hopefully some good weather 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “March 31st?

  1. 4th month of 2014 already!! Like you .I have been sick for quite awhile. I will be a student at the Uof A for 3 weeks taking 4 courses a day from Monday to Friday Starting April 28th. Unlike you I won’t have to worry about being graded. I took this Ella program last year and they have so many courses to choose from. If you are lucky enough to register at the exact right time you may get the courses you really want before they fill up! I am looking forward to this years sessions even though I did not get a few I wanted . I will be taking other new mind opening courses.


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