A Dream I Had – Part 1

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Nope, this is not my version of Martin Luther King Jr’s dream speech. I’m literally going  to tell you about a dream I had on Saturday night. I gotta keep my stats up, and they’re only up if I post. So I’ll share this dream with you because I figure you may get a giggle out it, or it may spark a memory for you about one of your own crazy dreams.

*Adapted from a message I sent to my co-worker Bill, since his kids were in my dream… Not sure why because I’ve never met them, only have seen them in FB pics.

I was taking a road trip with my mom and step-daughter to New Orleans. Bill’s kids (a boy around 5 years old and a girl around 3 years old) were with us in the back seat of the car. I think my mom was driving but it was unclear because the car was really quite large for a vehicle, I don’t remember a steering wheel or anything, and we kept moving around. Bill’s son was not wanting to wear his seat belt and also thought he might throw up. His daughter was there but I don’t remember her saying anything.

Once we got to New Orleans, the hotel was this weird hostel with all these beds in the center of the lobby, and if you wanted rooms you had to figure out which section to go to… So I left my mom and Brooke in this bed section with Bill’s kids and wandered around to find which place we were staying in. In my quest to find the right hotel, Simon Cowell latched onto me and seemed to think I was really amazing. He was walking around with me, kept hugging me, and telling me how awesome I was. He was in NOLA for American Idol auditions. THE END.

So… analysis anyone? Feel free to share one of your silly dreams.



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